Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Twice Told Tombigbee Tales

Lunching With Books
12:00 PM - Tuesday, October 9 @ Pontotoc County Library

Judge Mike Mills will speak about his book Twice Told Tombigbee Tales.

Mills has written a memoir that is far more than that. It documents the storytelling culture of northeast Mississippi in a way no one has done before and it offers a revealing inside view of Mississippi political life over the last two decades. Mills is a sharp observer of people and places, a man of scholarly bent who can put what he sees into broad perspective ... Above all, though, this is a witty book. You'll slap your knees when you read about Sut-N-Goober from the bottomlands and the many other folks who jump off the pages of this finely crafted book. --Charles Reagan Wilson, University of Mississippi, Center for Southern Culture

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