Friday, September 12, 2008

Lunching With Books at Pontotoc County Library

October 14, 2008

12 Noon

Dr. Evan Peacock

Associate Professor of Anthropology, MSU; Senior Research Associate, Cobb Institute of Archaeology, MSU

"Why Archaeology Matters"

How old is this arrowhead? Is there really gold in that Indian mound? What tribe left all these artifacts behind? Can the government really take my artifact collection away?

For more than twenty years, Evan Peacock, an archaeologist at Mississippi State University, has been fielding and answering questions such as these from the public. In Mississippi Archaeology Q & A, he gathers those answers in one place to give landowners, history buffs, arrowhead hunters, and students new to archaeology an invaluable handbook of do's and don'ts. Written for the lay reader with a supply of humorous anecdotes from his years in the field, Peacock never scolds. Instead he respectfully introduces the reader to the wonders of the remarkable prehistoric and historic remains throughout the Magnolia State. While the book focuses closely on Native American artifacts, it also thoroughly treats the full range of Mississippi's historical treasures from the remnants of pioneer settlers to Civil War curios.

Dr. Peacock is a wonderful speaker. He has been here before and spoke about his book. If its where you can attend Lunching With Books, I think you will enjoy it.


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