Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Lunching With Books @ Pontotoc County Library

Monday, November 10th

Robert Hamblin, Oprah Professor
talks about Faulkner and Poetry

Pontotoc Woman's club is hosting and providing and light lunch.


____Maggie said...

A real live Oprah Professor?!? My reaction is to laugh, go hum, and think how kewl! The poster is eye catching on many levels. Hate that I will miss this program. I'm hugely interested. :D

Judy said...

In 2005, he led the discussion of As I Lay Dying for Oprah Winfrey’s “Summer of Faulkner” and has presented seminars and lectures on Faulkner in England, the Netherlands, Japan, and China, as well as throughout the United States.

____Maggie said...

Hey, thanks for the info. He sounds very knowledgeable!