Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Library Lines

Library Lines
Annette McGregor

Did you know that the Pontotoc County Library is the headquarters library for the Dixie Regional Library System? The Dixie Regional Library System serves three counties – Calhoun, Chickasaw, and Pontotoc.

The Southern Literary Trail is the country’s first tri-state Trail to connect mythic places that influenced great American literature. This Trail honors the country’s most recognized writers and playwrights of the 20th Century with tours, events, performances and festivals available year-round in Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi. Go to www.southernliterarytrail.org for specific details of continuing events and tours. The website also provides histories linking the writers to the communities and landmarks in this brochure. Make plans now to explore unforgettable pathways along the Southern Literary Trail. Destinations in Mississippi include: The Cutrer Mansion - Tennessee Williams, one of American’s greatest playwrights, lived in Clarksdale as a youth. The time spent by Williams in Mississippi inspired the writer to model some of his characters after Clarksdale’s prominent citizens such as the Cutrer family and their lavish lifestyles; Tennessee Williams Birthplace and Welcome Center; William Alexander Percy Library and Greenville Writers’ Exhibit; The Eudora Welty House Museum; The Margaret Walker Alexander Research Center; The Smith Robertson Museum; The Richard Wright Homeplace; Rowan Oak and The Center for the Study of Southern Culture.

At storytime, March 11th at 10:00, we will be getting green for St. Patrick’s Day.

The Pontotoc Woman’s Club invites you to attend lunching with books Tuesday, March 10th at 12 noon. Bill and Linda Everett of New Albany will be reviewing "My Dearest Friend: letters of Abigail and John Adams", edited by Margaret A. Hogan & C. James Taylor.

In helping to found a country where their children (and ours) could grow up free, John and Abigail Adams bestowed an extraordinary blessing on all of us. Yet one of their greatest legacies was an unintended one, a consequence of their long separation and constant need for one another. They left behind marvelously detailed, literate, and loving letters to each other--1,016 survive--that add immeasurably to our understanding of this remarkable couple and their tumultuous times. Some 289 of them have been gathered into this new and fascinating collection, compiled by the editors of the Adams Papers at the Massachusetts Historical Society...The letters reveal a man who, for all his flaws, showed stupendous courage, creativity, stubborn devotion to duty, and keen insight into the nature of power. As great as he is, Abigail is easily his match. It is clear from these letters that, in addition to keeping the family's farm going in his absence (a difficult task calling for hard-headed business savvy), she often shows shrewder political instincts. Intensely curious about politics, she clamors for details and advises her husband about what steps to take. As he put it himself, she was his ballast, steadying the ship and keeping him moving forward, and he would not have become the great man he did without her...The crude stuff of life is here, illuminated with the lightning flashes of history. The letters remind us that these were two people who were groping in the darkness, unsure what would become of their lives and their new country...Their letters open a window to their age like few other documents. That alone makes them invaluable. But they are also fun reading, bubbling with the charm, intelligence, pungency, and passion of these two, who were compelling and entertaining writers, one as good as the other.

Lunch will be provided by the Pontotoc Woman’s Club.

Don’t forget Friendly Competition @ your library Tuesday, March 10th @ 4:00. 3rd – 6th graders are welcome to come and learn some new games. Snacks will be provided by the Friends of the Library.

All of the Dixie Regional Library Staff wish Mary Hamilton a very happy birthday, March 8th.

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